Squid Ink Sea Salt

Squid Ink Sea Salt


The northwest Atlantic is among the largest squid fisheries in the world. A large portion of the squid catch comes out of Montauk, a short way down the beach from us. On some nights, the horizon is dotted with the lights of squid boats fishing for their catch and on some days, as many as ten tractor-trailers a day leave Montauk full of squid destined for seafood depots, markets, and squid processors. With squid so important a part of the local fishing industry, it is only natural we wanted to pair it with our salt.

Made with Squid Ink infused into our 100% Pure Amagansett Sea Salt and nothing else, this blend has a wonderful jet black color and an umami-rich flavor of the ocean. It is the perfect finishing salt for any white fleshed seafood.

Available in 1-ounce net weight and 2½-ounce net weight sizes, each in an attractive glass jar that looks great on a countertop.

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