Objects Within Teardrop Diffuser

Objects Within Teardrop Diffuser


Chic & modern with a pop of color.

3.5"W 12" H

Elevate your space with this fun and sophisticated design, hand-painted by artist, Jessie Rubin.  Through the use of bold colors, layers and texture, this limited edition diffuser offers a unique way to express your personal style while filling your home with natural healing scents.

This diffuser features deep blues with vibrant turquoise and purple accents.  Each diffuser is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind, and as such may slightly vary from the pictured image.

How to use:

Remove the ceramic cover and then the plastic cap from the water reservoir.  Fill up the water reservoir to the max fill line. Add 5-10 drops of  your favorite 100% pure essential oil, then put the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on.  Select your time setting and then sit back and relax as the healing scents fill your space.

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