Living in Style London

Living in Style London

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A must-have for every interior design aficionado. Discover urban residential oases and their inspiring, customized interior design concepts. 


Living in Style London, show readers how London interior designers and architects create residences perfectly tailored to the people who live there, while making optimal use of the available space. Photographer Andreas von Einsiedel and author Karin Graabaek Helledie, both residents of London, escort us on a trip through the imposing residential landscape of this storied British city, a place as diverse and varied as its homeowners. Renovated industry lofts, carefully restored row houses with light-flooded bay windows, or glass oases with spectacular views of the Thames are presented with informative accompanying texts, showing off the most impressively beautiful homes found in the English capital.

220 pages

10.2 x 13” Hardcover

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